Welcome & About Me

I’m so glad that you’re here! Perhaps you’re here on recommendation from a friend. Maybe you’re a long time reader. Maybe you’re joining me from the quiet of your home, or the many places we inhabit with our Smartphones. In any case, welcome!

Before you get into the blog, I want to let you know who I am & why I’m here.

Formally, I am a student affairs professional and a writer, with varied interests along the way. I’m an artist who received a B.A. in Integrative Arts (concentrations in Theater, Communication Arts, & Writing) with an M. Ed in College Student Affairs. I regularly contribute to a variety of online platforms on topics such as culture, spirituality, entertainment, career, and more.

My mission is to offer information, ideas, & counter-cultural narratives that will empower readers to thrive and to lovingly & creatively challenge secular and sacred systems toward greater levels of inclusion! (With occasional shenanigan posts along the way because joy and laughter is important).

#BookMe2017 has included / includes bookings for workshops (on art, spirituality, education, writing, career services, and more), speeches, collaborative projects & presentations, and (believe it or not) even intuitive tarot card reading. In the past, I’ve come to campuses, religious / sacred spaces, schools, Skype sessions, & more! Click here to get in on #BookMe2017-2018.

 Views expressed on this site are solely my own and are not affiliated with any organization or institution I have been a part of, past or present.