What to Expect from Tarot & Oracle Readings

Tarot readings can help you learn more about yourself, career, platonic & romantic relationships, spiritual development, personal purpose, goals, business…and much more!

Readings are situated in the present and primarily meant to observe any patterns, trends, or lessons to keep in mind for your empowerment. I do not provide predictions of a completely fixed future – because I believe in the power of your intentional change & transformation.

Why do folks say tarot can foretell your future?

By looking at the cards that come up in the present, we can also find patterns and advice that serves us in the future. You can think of it as taking a look at your bank statements. If we look at the places of spending in the present, we can uncover where things might be going in the future. More importantly, we can also adjust or change habits in the present to get to the places we want to go. Some tarot readers are focused on prediction and that’s okay! Readings from jadetperry.com tend to be holistically focused, covering a range of topics & timelines.

“But wait… my Gramma’nem said tarot cards were evil and demonic?!”

That is a WHOLE different conversation and I address that here. Check it out if you like. The spoiler alert is… nah.

“So what’s the difference between tarot and oracle readings?!”

Tarot decks typically hold a system of 76 cards and are split up between major life themes, energies, and archetypal imagery (Major Arcana) and cards that represent the everyday matters of life (Minor Arcana). There are different kinds of tarot systems and the one that I use primarily in these readings is the Rider-Waite-Smith system. (Fun fact: Pamela Coleman-Smith, the illustrator of the original RWS deck, was a Jamaican & English woman who worked through the 1900’s in London as a touring artist!). Tarot cards are also typically broken down into suits which depict the elements of Fire (Wands), Earth (Coins / Pentacles), Water (Cups), and Air (Swords). These suits help us to understand where a pattern is set, what actions are happening / are likely to happen, and ways that we can address our situations. There are many different kinds of tarot decks and artists have put their own spin, interpretation, and energy into re-vitalizing traditional understandings of the tarot. This means that there is a diversity of reading types and images that we can pull from!

Oracle decks are as vast as their creators. Many times, oracle decks are cards which address a certain theme e.g. crystals, goddesses, angels, etc. They can be loosely interpretive – providing only a picture. They can also be highly descriptive with lots of information on the card itself or within a corresponding guidebook. There are so many options with oracle decks!

A practitioner can complete mixed-method readings of both tarot & oracle to uncover messages that are both comprehensive and precise.

What else should I know before I book?

It is important to know the ethics of anyone providing you with an intuitive wellness service. Please note that all services offered via jadetperry.com are subject to the following ethics & disclaimers. CLICK HERE TO READ.

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