“Jade Perry writes and speaks from the fullness of her heart, mind and spirit. She is both bold and empathetic, analytical and intuitive, passionate and dedicated to her work and her words. I have had the pleasure of experiencing her as a writer and public speaker, workshop facilitator and healing arts professional and she brings equal level of professionalism and authenticity into all her areas of practice. I am continually awed by and proud to know her – and look forward to seeing all the ways she will continue to offer honesty, caring and wisdom to the world. She brings her full self to each and every project that she engages with, and a powerfully necessary perspective to the spaces that she is called into” – Teresa Pasquale Mateus, LCSW, E-RYT 200, Author, Executive Director of Mystic Soul


“Jade T. Perry, while accomplished in word, in art, and in deed, is distinguished in this: she does not stop growing. As a fellow writer, I have been impressed and instructed by Jade’s continual pushing of boundaries–of craft and of her own understanding. She does not limit her boundary pushing to her own life but graciously and fiercely asks the same of others”Dana M. Ray, Writer, Dancer, Tea drinker, Idea Wrangler


“As a minister, it is extremely important to have good and consistent soul care. Jade T. Perry’s writing, insight, and practice of spiritual healing have been a gift to me personally and professionally. Her writings on how her faith continues to evolve provides a good challenge to respect the spirituality people bring with them and the stories they have about their past experience (particularly with the Church for my context). Reading her work makes me a better preacher, storyteller, a better thinker, and allows me to think respectfully, compassionately, and critically about my contributions to people’s faith and general life experience. She is a practitioner that I regularly seek out for consultation, direct practice for my own wellness, and I would refer her to anyone. Jade T. Perry has wisdom and integrity that she employs with the utmost sincerity and humility. Go ahead and get your life” – Minister Jené Ashley Colvin


“I have loved the opportunity to work alongside Jade on workshop curation as well as be on the receiving end of her teaching and session leading! Jade has the unique and gifted ability to navigate the presentation and communication of concepts, and knowledge while also holding space to honor the lived experience represented in the room. This is powerful! I am grateful that Jade is someone who is dedicated to cultivating and growing her awareness of who she is and how she lives in the world. Jade brings her full self to her work and her transparency is engaging and magnetic!– Ra Mendoza, Recruitment, Academic, and Diversity Coordinator of Mission Year, Co-founder of Mystic Soul

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“Jade T. Perry’s writing is moving, pure and simple. She reminds us of the clarity that comes with being one’s authentic self. By this, I mean the courage to be transparent in public spaces. Jade is a provocateur, but not in the sense of grenade tossing for clicks. Her words betray her desire to free us, and her own deep connection to the Universe.” – Kimberly Peeler-Ringer, The Churched Feminist 

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