Tarot Booking & FAQ’s

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Readings are situated in the present and meant to observe any patterns, trends, or lessons to keep in mind for your empowerment. I do not provide predictions of a fixed future. The imagery of tarot can speak to a broad range of things, but I believe that the finality of your future decisions are up to your free will, choice, and life’s ability to change! *If you are a repeat client, feel free to scroll to the bottom for booking form*

So what’s the point of a reading?!

Tarot readings can help you learn more about yourself, career, platonic & romantic relationships, spiritual development, personal purpose, goals, business…and much more!

By looking at the cards that come up in the present, we can find patterns and advice that serves us in the future! You can think of it as taking a look at your bank statements. If we look at the places of spending in the present, we can uncover where things might be going in the future BUT we can ALSO adjust or change habits in the present to get to the places we want to go. These readings are focused on the latter.

“But wait… my Gramma’nem said tarot cards were evil and demonic?!”

That is a WHOLE different conversation and I address that here. Check it out if you like. The spoiler alert is… nah.

  1. Readings are by referral only. This means that in the booking form, you will need to list the person who referred you to these intuitive wellness practices. They can be a repeat client, friend, and / or patron of mine. If you saw it on social media, let me know where! You’re good to complete the full booking process.

    If you are a new potential client & you don’t have (or aren’t sure if you have) a referral, type in the code: ALIGN, and complete the form without sending payment. (Note that your booking appt. is not confirmed without payment). Full disclosure: when this happens, I typically pull a card or two to see if it’s a good client match & intuit if there are good vibes around us working together. And if so, I will contact you with steps so that you can send your payment, complete & confirm booking, and get your reading!
  2. Once you book, your reading is sent to you via video! This video will contain your tarot reading and will be sent directly to the email address that you provide. Please note that this may take 1-2 business weeks, depending on how long the queue is and when you completed booking.
  3. These readings should NOT be used to diagnose and / or treat any medical conditions (please consult your physician). Jade T. Perry is not responsible or liable for any damages or negative consequences from preparation, application, and / or action to any person who freely chooses to view and / or utilize contents from the reading. References to other materials (e.g. books, films, decks, etc) may be shared for informational purposes only and not as a specific endorsement.
  4. Tarot card readings are primarily provided for ‘entertainment’ purposes & should not be used to replace more specific messages that you may be receiving from other professionals you are working with. [Note: This also means that I do not provide predictions about physical death, physical health, or physical birth].
  5. While I have to note that tarot readings are of ‘entertainment purposes’ due to liability precautions, please also note that I do these with deep sincerity, skill, & knowledge of the cards.
  6. I reserve the right to refuse sessions, should the need arise.
  7. CONSENT IS KEY: Please do not ask the tarot what other people are thinking / feeling / intuiting. Since we do not have their consent to look into these things, let’s keep the focus on your goals / needs.
  8. I operate with a Spoonie Work Ethic, that is, an ethic of work that is centered in disability justice frameworks , acknowledges that the ways we work are political, and allows for my deep & radical authenticity as a BlackQueerDisabledWoman. Additionally, I hold access intimacy as a value within my work.

The power of access intimacy is that it reorients our approach from one where disabled people are expected to squeeze into able bodied people’s world, and instead calls upon able bodied people to inhabit our world.

Mia Mingus (2017). Transcript of Access Intimacy, Interdependence, & Disability Justice

This means, I…

  • Operate in a way that makes time, space, AND DEADLINE adjustments towards personal wellness & work, navigating chronic pain & illness flares, etc.
  • Resist connecting burn-out with a display of commitment, morals, and as a measurement of production

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