Sensual Classes & Courses

Embodied Rituals #1: Sensual Self Touch & Texture Experimentation

Intention: To fall deeply into your own sensual energy, understand its needs / ebbs / flows, and then open a window to experiment with different textures. This course features play based education, chakra energy information, and encouragement & compassionate space held for your unique sensual energy.
Kink Level: 1.5 / 3

Embodied Rituals #2: Sensual Collaging

Intention: To collect and use sensual imagery, piecing it together as an act of RE-Membering your own erotic energy. Sensual collages can be used on paper, cardstock, to enhance altar candles, and to create personal home or altar artifacts that accurately describe your vibe.
Kink Level: 1 / 3

Embodied Rituals #3: Erotic Altar Making
Intention: To come along a guided process of creating an intimate / home space as a practice of Noticing and Naming your Pleasures. Collecting artifacts and curating personal items of pleasure serves to remind you of your own deep sensuality, erotic goals, AND creates a beautiful conversation piece / interaction point to with the lovers, partners, and kinksters you know
Kink Level: 2 / 3

Embodied Rituals #5: Attending to Everyday Sensuality

Intention: To leave with at least 3-4 sensual rituals that you can incorporate into your everyday life. This workshop calls for guests to interact, play, experiment, and participate & is ideal for learners who are very tactile. Knowing that sexuality, sensuality, and erotic energy do not have to be confined to the bedroom makes waking, sleeping, and sexing hours so much juicier!
Kink Level: 1.5 / 3

Embodied Rituals #6: Listening to the Intuition of the Body
Intention: To practice DEEP listening to the information that your body gives you about spaces, places, and choices. To learn how intuition can come from the energies our body can carry. To carve out intentional time to thank your body for the information that it gives you and to honor it by creating a mini-guide to re-member the lessons given in the space.
Kink Level: 1 / 3

Kinky Herbs & Potion Making 

Intention: To learn more about warming, spicy, floral, cooling, super sensual herbs as well as how to mix them into a potion that works toward your own personal erotic goals. Guided facilitation, knowledge sharing, and herbal make & take bags make this experience special!
Kink Level: 1 

Black Church(ed) Women & The Erotic: Unlearning Spiritualized Sexual Repression
Intention: To facilitate guided conversation through storytelling, biomythology, and art while creating space for guests to reflect on spiritualized sexual repression and to collaboratively dream our ways forward. Embodied Rituals are a key part of this experience and guests will get to experience a few practices to help ground them into the space. We are rethinking the forced & false dichotomies of sacred & sensual – using our bodies & lived experiences as sacred texts
Kink Level: 2 / 3

Spiritual & Sensual Subbing: Practicing Vulnerability through a Kink Mindset
Intention: Learn about subbing as a practice that allows us to deepen our understandings of vulnerability, discuss & dream ways to sub safely & sensually in everyday life, and pick up a few spiritual / soulful / mindful practices that assist in entering into and fully enjoying a sub space!
Kink Level: 3 / 3

Photo Credits: Ally Almore Photography, Whitney A. Spencer

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