Healing in Our Times: The Soul & Spirit

This mini-directory centers POC, offers low cost or sliding scale holistic wellness services, & is broken up into services for ‘the mind’, ‘the body’, ‘the soul & spirit’, and ‘the socioeconomic reality’. This page represents listings categorized under “The Soul & Spirit”. The full navigation page for Healing in Our Times can be found here.

Resources are listed from a variety of geographic locations & remotely, when indicated. Since this is crowd-sourced list of resources, please be sure to check out the individual listings for more information & use these services at your own discretion. To easily navigate each section, hit the Ctrl + F buttons on your keypad & enter one of the search terms: remote / your geographic location).

  • Shayla Herdon-Edmunds – Life coach & Reiki Master  (Can work remotely)
    Website: www.coachshayla.com

  • Speaking Down Barriers “Healing Us”- Healing Circle, “Space for People of Color who identify as black, African-American, or of the African diaspora to engage in activities and dialogue focused on affirming and healing within this community.  We encourage people to bring all of their emotions. We intentionally decenter whiteness in our process, focusing on the rewriting of our stories” – Crystal Irby, South Carolina
    Website: http://www.speakdownbarriers.org
    Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/speakingdownbarriers/
    Email: info@speakdownbarriers.org
  • Adrienne Deeble – Astrology & Birth Chart Readings (Can work remotely)
    Email: Adrienne.deeble@gmail.com

  • Amina Ross – Life coaching, Healing through Art, & Tarot Card Reading (Can work remotely)
    Website(s): Aminaross.com; Beautybreaks.info

  • Harriet’s Apothecary – “Intergenerational, healing village led by the brilliance and wisdom of Black Cis Women, Queer and Trans healers, artists, health professionals, magicians, activists and ancestors” – NY
    Healers: http://www.harrietsapothecary.com/meet-the-healers/
    Website: http://www.harrietsapothecary.com/

  • Teresa Pasquale Mateus, LCSW – Spiritual Support & Tarot Reading (Chicago, IL; Can work remotely)
    Website(s): http://www.teresapasqualemateus.com/
    Contact via website
  • Latishia James – Spiritual guidance/care, Self / communal care practices (Can work remotely)
    Website: latishiajames.com
    *Services designed on a case by case basis
  • Crystal Elliott-O’Connor – Pastoral Coaching
    Email: c.elliott@poetic.com
    Pricing: 1st phone consultation is complimentary.
    Skype or Video Calls flat fee, $35 for 45 minutes.
    In person meetings, sliding scale fees
  • Jade Perry – Intuitive Tarot Reading
    Website: jadetperry.com
    Email: https://jadetperry.com/contact-me/

  • Ihiyotl Mysticism -Touch free Reiki based energy work centering Queer and Trans people of color – Remote
    Email: IhiyotlMysticism@gmail.com
  • Rebekah Berndt – Spiritual Direction, Tarot readings – (Can work remotely)
    Website: www.rebekahberndt.com
    Email: raberndt@gmail.com
  • Maureen Gerald, M.Div, CSW, CPE – Spiritual Direction & Life Coaching – NJ & can work remotely
    Website: http://maureengerald.org/ Email: me@maureengerald.org
    Phone: 609.228.8602
  • Good to the SOUL – Specializes in print, digital, communal and other creative resources for the spread of good throughout the universe- Central Indiana, Washington, DC, Atlanta, GA
  • Rev. Shonda Nicole Gladden – Pastoral care, life coaching and spiritual direction specializing in high capacity leaders, emerging adults and professionals in transition – Marion, IN, Online & Remotely
    Website: www.shondagladden.com
    Email: revsgladden@gmail.com
  • Kenya Cecilia Rose – Wellness coach / self care as sacred work, Budding spiritual director – Georgia based, Remotely / online
    Website: https://kenyaceceliarose.com/
    Email: Cummings.Kenya@gmail.com
  • The Rooted Turtle Healing, Haydee Rose Souffrant – Certified Reiki Practitioner, Meditative Tarot Readings, Reiki Candles, Artist- Chicago, IL
    *Bartering + Pay scale ALWAYS considered
    Contact: http://www.hrsouffrant.com/rootedturtlehealing.html

  • Courtney Cobbs & Violet Heart Wellness – Heart Based Energy / Reiki Healing – Chicago, IL & Remotely
    Website: https://www.violetheartwellness.com/
    Email: VioletHeart.Chi@gmail.com
  • Lili Wilson, The Beautiful Dawn LLC – Ordained reverend and Holistic healer with self-care as the focus; Card reader
    Washington, DC & Remotely
    Website: http://www.liliwilson.com/
    Email: info@thebeautifuldawn.com
    Social Media: IG: iamliliwilson, FC: iamlili wilson, Twitter: iamliliwilson
  • Ashanti Marshall of A Note To Zami – Literary oracle readings using poetry from Spill: Scenes of Black Femininist Fugitivity by Dr. Alexis Pauline Gumbs
    Chicago, IL & Baton Rouge, Remotely
    Email / Contact: hello@anotetozami.com and Readings tab at anotetozami.com
    Website: anotetozami.com
    Social Media: Twitter/IG: @anotetozami
  • Chantelle Todman Moore of unlock Ngenuity, LLC – Comprehensive consulting, coaching and therapeutic services focusing on women of color & POC
    Philadelphia, PA & Remotely
    Email / Contact: unlockngenuity@gmail.com or 267.368.4492
    Website: http://www.unlockngenuity.com/
  • Rev. L, with Will You Be Whole – Rev. L is a womanist theological ethicist who has developed Sex & Faith coaching to respond to the need of 1-on-1 support in helping women reconcile & affirm their sexuality alongside their spiritual belief
    Richmond, VA (for monthly conversation circle centering Black women) & Remotely (for 1:1 coaching)
    Email / Contact: willyoubewhole@gmail.com
    Website: www.willyoubewhole.com
    FB: Will You Be Whole Ministries & Twitter and Instagram @lacettecross

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