Healing in Our Times: The Mind

This mini-directory centers POC, offers low cost or sliding scale holistic wellness services, & is broken up into services for ‘the mind’, ‘the body’, ‘the soul & spirit’, and ‘the socioeconomic reality’. This page represents listings categorized under “The Mind”. The full navigation page for Healing in Our Times can be found here.

Resources are listed from a variety of geographic locations & remotely, when indicated. Since this is crowd-sourced list of resources, please be sure to check out the individual listings for more information & use these services at your own discretion. To easily navigate each section, hit the Ctrl + F buttons on your keypad & enter one of the search terms: remote / your geographic location).

  • DeVona Alleyne – Sliding scale counseling services, trauma & addiction specializations – Chicago, IL
    Website: http://www.millenniumhope.com/team/devona-alleyne/
    Email: devona@millenniumhope.com
    Phone: 312-460-8001, ext. 7
  • Naimah Johnson, LMSW, Therapist & Community Based Activist – New York area
    Website: https://about.me/naimah_johnson
    Contact via website
  • Teresa Pasquale Mateus, LCSW – Chicago, IL (can also work remotely)
    Trauma Specialist, Psychotherapy, Creative Arts therapy
    Website(s): http://www.teresapasqualemateus.com/
    Contact via website
  • Charnessa Pleasant – Licensed Clinical Psychotherapist – Richmond, VA
    Website: Www.hanovercounselingassociates.com
  • Aja Hill, PsyD – Licensed Therapist – Oakland, CA
    Website: https://ajahill.com/
    Pricing & Fees: https://ajahill.com/contactfees/
  • Dorian A. Ortega, LCPC ,Puerto Rican Cultural Center – Chicago IL
    Mental health & substance use counseling to individuals with HIV, homelessness, trauma
    Website: PRCC-chgo.org
    Contact: Doriano@prcc-chgo.org
  • The Healing Collaborative, PLLC – Psychotherapy service dedicated to women’s emotional health & wellness – Richmond, VA
    Website: Www.thehealingcollab.com
    Email: Info@thehealingcollab.com
  • Chicago Women’s Health Center (services include gynecology, primary care, counseling, acupuncture, massage & bodywork, alternative insemination, Trans*health services, health education, fertility awareness)
    Pricing: All services are offered on a sliding scale*
    Website: http://www.chicagowomenshealthcenter.org/
  • Dr. Danielle Simmons, Supportive & Affirming Counseling, Chicago, IL –
    Pricing: takes Blue Cross, Blue Shield, PPO – limited number of reduced fee appointments
    Website: http://www.drdaniellesimmons.com/
  • Family Institute at Northwestern University, Chicago, IL 60603
    Website: https://www.family-institute.org/therapy-counseling/affordable-counseling
    Phone: 847-733-4300, ext. 263
  • Live Oak, Inc., Chicago, IL 60602
    Website: www.liveoakchicago.com
    Phone: 773.880.1310
  • Replogle Center, Psychotherapy, Counseling (Various specialists & specialties) & Spiritual Direction, Chicago, IL, 60611
    Website: http://reploglecenter.org/about#mission
    Phone: 312.787.8425
  • Dr. Maudette Jackson, Chicago, IL
    Website: https://therapists.psychologytoday.com/rms/name/Maudette_Jackson_PhD_
    Phone: (312) 548-3992
    *Contact directly for pricing
  • National Queer & Trans Therapists of Color Network (a remote directory) – Locations Vary
    Website:  http://www.nqttcn.com/directory

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