Healing in Our Times Project

This project is a resource list & mini-directory of low cost, affordable, and / or sliding scale holistic services which center the needs & healing pathways of POC (people of color).

It is one of my firm beliefs that we need each other. I believe that we have, at our disposal, the tools, the expertise, the magic, the praxis that we need right now. So, I asked around for resources that
a) centers people of color (POC)
b) are low cost and / or sliding scale
c) have the specific knowledge of & ability to serve persons with marginalized (racial / ethnic / ability / sexual / socioeconomic / national / religious / etc) identities. In just a few hours, resources began flowing in.

I share this mini-directory with gratitude for all who shared queries about this work. I also share this project with the additional call for more resources, as this project will be updated continuously. I hope it serves your needs!

(Note: This  mini-directory is broken up into services for ‘the mind’, ‘the body’, ‘the soul & spirit’, and ‘the socioeconomic reality’. Since this is crowd-sourced list of resources, please be sure to check out the individual listings for more information & note that you will be using / following up with these services at your own discretion. Resources are listed from a variety of geographic locations & remotely, when indicated. The sections linked below take you to pages that are directed towards healing those various areas)

Click here for resources that cater to
The Mind
(i.e. counseling, therapy, therapeutic services)

Click here for resources that cater to
The Body
(i.e. yoga, acupuncture, reiki, massage, wellness services)

Click here for resources that cater to
The Soul & Spirit
(i.e. life coaching, tarot, astrological readings, spiritual direction services, healing talk circles)

Click here for resources that cater to
The Socioeconomic Reality
(i.e. plant based nutrition education, concrete goal coaching, etc)

If you would like to add yourself, your organization, and / or nominate someone else to be included in the Healing in Our Times Project, please fill out the form here: https://goo.gl/forms/n1EPHQLNC0qlVHRG2
We will be updating this list as often as needed