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Jade T Perry received both her M. Ed in Higher Education / College Student Affairs and her B.A. in Integrative Arts (with concentrations in Communication Arts & Sciences, English, & Theatre) from The Pennsylvania State University.

Speaker & Workshop Summary
Jade T. Perry also regularly provides workshops, advocacy, and training around topics such as diversity & culture / cultural competence, career processes, creative writing, race & gender, spirituality & faith, style, and higher education. Please note that I am happy to talk about you / your organization’s vision for a workshop or keynote. You can book me here! For more ideas of potential keynote topics, please see the list of published works below.

Writing Summary
Jade T. Perry currently serves as the Culture & Spirituality Editor for Heed Magazine, and is a contributing writer for various publications and online web sites. You can find samples of published works below!

Student Affairs / Higher Education Summary
Jade T. Perry currently works full time within higher education / student affairs on retention, persistence, and success initiatives for first generation college students, students of color, and students who have exhibited financial need. Prior to this, she worked in the fields of career services and multicultural student affairs.

An initiative that came out of a conversation with a colleague! #BookMe2017 has included / includes bookings for workshops (on art, spirituality, education, writing, career services, and more), speeches, editing others written works, and (believe it or not) even intuitive tarot card reading. Click here to get in on #BookMe2017.

 Jade Perry has been featured by writers / scholars in October 2016’s Blackademic of the Month (Blackademia), Dope Black Girl SpotlightThe Come Up, and  youngblackfeminist.com.

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Writing Samples of Published Works (By Topic):

Art, Culture, and Entertainment – Book me for this category
Heed Magazine
Heed Exclusive: Malik Yoba Talks “Empire”, Mali Music, & More! All posts can be viewed here.

Music Makes Me Happy
Soundtrack for Social Justice
Artistic Recognition is Bigger than #TeamJada or #TeamJanet (Oscars 2016 Write Up)

Will We Ever Tire of Madea?
 Album Review: Exploring Womanist Themes in Jazmine Sullivan’s “Reality Show”

Diversity & Social Justice in Church & Religious Contexts- Book me for this category
On “Racial Reconciliation” and “Getting Your Cousins”, The Mudroom
No Neat Narrative: Finding Community Without Hiding, The Mudroom
On Black Feminism, Church Ministries, & Doing Life Together, ForHarriet.com

Diversity & Social Justice in Career Contexts & Higher Education – Book me for this category
Navigating Microagressions in the Workplace, Black Women’s Career Network
How Shall I Wear My Hair? – Students Navigating Professional Identity Politics, National Association of Colleges & Employers
The Things We Don’t Think About, National Association of Colleges & Employers

Writing & Blogging – Book me for this category
 Skeletons & Closets – On Blogging & Vulnerability, BrownGirlBloggers.com

Style & Natural Hair – Book me for this category
Three Fantastic Style Tips from Calvin Klein’s Sierra Sims, ForHarriet.com
Jade is Naturally Glam, Natural Hair Idols, CurlyNikki.com
Supporting Women: QUEENTHING Shopping Guide, Queenthing.com

College Student Affairs & Higher Education – Book me for this category
Can I Ask How Old You Are?”: Perception Management for Young Student Affairs Professionals, The Student Affairs Collective
Similar Does Not Equal Same: On Duplication of Efforts in Higher Ed, The Student Affairs Collective
Creating Your Professional Identity: Tips for First-Year, Full Time Staff

Empowerment for Women of Color, Womanism – Book me for this category
Why I Liberated Myself from Respectable, Traditional Relationships, ForHarriet.com
Self Care is Not a Buzzword, Queenthing.com
Moving Forward: 3 Tips for Building Sisterhood and Friendships in Your New City, ForHarriet.com