Embodied Rituals

Embodied Rituals are meant to help Black women – across the spectrum of sexuality, gender expression, & diaspora – who are unlearning toxic religious repressions of our sexuality and sensuality. These rituals incorporate healing practices (by various traditions of energy workers, herbalists, and intuitive wellness workers) with scholarship done by womanist theologians, as well as creative art to help us explore the following:

  • What have we learned about sexuality / sensuality?
  • How do WE experience our own sexual & sensual energy?
  • How can we use the faculties of intellect, creativity, & spirituality to heal from sexually repressive norms & expectations?
Example: Embodied TEA Ritual. Source: Patreon.com/jadetperry

The content, images, and further academic resources are geared toward ages 18+ and is available through a Patreon subscription as low as $7/mo. Let’s get free TOGETHER!

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