Embodied Rituals

The Embodied Rituals Project is creative arts & intuitive wellness project meant to help Black & POC church (ed) women to unlearn Spiritualized & internalized sexual / sensual repression. This project incorporates the scholarship done by womanist theologians, healing practices done by healers / shamans / energy workers / herbalists, and various mediums of creative art to help us explore the following questions:

  • What have we learned about our sexuality from the institution of the church?
  • How did members of biological or fictive “church families” reinforce those beliefs? Divest from those beliefs? Or (most often) divest from some while reinforcing others? 
  • How could we use the faculties of intellect AND creativity to heal from sexually repressive norms & expectations? What would this LOOK & FEEL like?
  • How can we create everyday practices to support us in this work?
Example: Embodied TEA Ritual. Source: Patreon.com/jadetperry

The content, images, and further academic resources are geared toward ages 18+ and is available through a Patreon subscription as low as $7/mo. Let’s get free TOGETHER!

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