Consulting & Collaborating With Your Org!

Jade T. Perry (she / her / hers) is a Speaker, Multidisciplinary Artist, Play-based Educator & Facilitator, Intuitive Wellness Coach & Consultant and the co-founder of The Mystic Soul Project 501c3 (which centers people of color in mysticism, activism, and healing).

She has facilitated Social Justice & Spiritual Activism workshops & orientations, Intuitive Space-Holding & Meeting Mediation, and has collaborated in written projects for individuals, companies, and organizations.

The mission of her work, as a whole, is to contribute resources, art, narratives, and experiential learning opportunities that aid in the holistic healing processes of people of color (POC), queer people of color (QPOC), and disabled / chronically ill POC – and here’s where you come in – the organizations & spaces who want to support this! Additionally, she seeks to creatively challenge secular and sacred systems toward greater levels of inclusion. Read on for more information on how to work with me!

Pricing & Fees
I am here to support organizations & groups who are doing the work of liberation, healing, and wellness! Each org’s mission, objectives, and specific projects or events for consultation is unique and my pricing & fees seek to reflect that diversity. We work together to customize the experience that you are looking for and crystallize the outcomes you are working toward i.e.

“We are having an event and looking for a speaker with your experience!” Or “We need expertise in editing or advising a company project / organizational process.” Or “My organization is growing in integrity around centering people of color in this field of work. We’d love to book training sessions!” Or “I’m designing an app and want to understand how it would impact these populations.”

So many possibilities!

Prices and fees are reflective of the organization’s needs & factor in things like time-to-task (facilitation, preparation, and research), travel if applicable, project type, and price integrity for the investment of time & expertise in light of the organizational project budget.

Let’s Get Started!
I am excited to support you in the amazing & liberatory work that your organization is already doing! Tell me about your work in the form below & a response for an initial consultation should come within 2-4 business days.