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Tarot readings in this suite are given via video link to your email & may take up to 2 weeks to receive, depending on the queue. (If you would like to book an in-person reading, please book your session at Ruby Room or Haji Healing Salon. Special reading & event requests can be sent to You can book any of the following readings:

“The Sojourn” | First Time / Introductory Reading | 1-2 cards | $20
Best for first time clients who would like to get a feel for what to expect during a tarot reading. This reading covers present-day patterns & messages of empowerment.

“Round the Way” | Tarot & Oracle Blended Mini-Reading | 2 cards | $25
For folks looking to experience both tarot & oracle reading styles in order to address present day-patterns and important messages of development.

“The Tree’s Trunk” | 3-4 cards | $40*
*adjusted prices for repeat clients & Patreon followers
For folks who are looking to intuitively understand and / or connect with a certain area of life or question. Also helpful for folks who are wanting to see what messages of guidance, understanding, adjustments, etc. are coming up in their life most saliently at this point in time.

“The Kitchen Table” | 6-8 cards | $65*
We slow down to look at multiple aspects of an area of life or self / spiritual development. Also helpful for those wanting more in-depth understanding of salient messages regarding their lives, selves, and worlds (emotional, spiritual, tangible, and physical).

“The Kitchen Sink” (Comprehensive Reading) | 11-13 cards | $140*
Looking deeply into a thing is important to our processes of wellness and healing! In this reading, we use complex spreads to decipher the symbols, energies, colors, and more present & what they might be saying for your life!

“The Block” Tarot & Oracle Blended Reading | ($120)*
This reading looks deeply into two solid areas of the life journey & development (self, career, romance, relationships, etc) using both tarot and oracle cards so that pertinent messages & next steps can be uncovered with clarity!

“The Front Porch” Oracle & Tarot Blended Reading (Covers 1 area of development) | $110*
This reading looks deeply into one solid area of the life journey & development (self, career, romance, relationships, etc) using both tarot and oracle cards so that pertinent messages & next steps can be uncovered with clarity!


“Queen of Pentacles” Energy Work Session | Remote / Long Distance | $140*
This service comes with an energy reading (which is a way to look at your subtle energy centers, see any blockages and / or openings, and discuss ways to balance), followed by remote / long distance energy healing / reiki to help you achieve your holistic wellness goals. You receive a report which outlines specific information about your chakras, crystals used, and Reiki symbols used during the energy session.

Crystal, Herb, Oil, & Candle Consultation | $120
Through the understanding and use of herbs, crystals, oils, and / or candles, we can make our goal-setting and acquisition more potent. This service will address specific items that you can use to help support your healing & intuitive wellness goals. HIGHLY recommended for those looking to deepen the work at home and within their everyday practices!

TAROT & ORACLE APPT – “The Stoop” | $110, 1 hr, 10 min
Let’s meet up to talk tarot & to look intuitively into a variety of life circumstances and strategies of empowerment & alignment! This functions as a coaching session, using tarot and knowledge of folk mysticism to explore the ways we can take active parts in the holistic journey of our lives!

“Queen of Wands” Spiritual Energy Cleansing for Spaces & Places | $140 / hr; $65 half / hour (one room or small space)
This service will take place in a space of your choosing in order to address the goals of cleansing, preparing, lightening, and righting the energy there! This services is helpful for those moving into new spaces, leaving old spaces, making life transitions, and / or preparing to inhabit new physical spaces.

**For those in need of discounted services, please book with me via Haji Healing Salon which is a community wellness center located on the South Side of Chicago