Octavia Butler said God is Change

On April 24, 2018, I was in a hotel room overlooking the Chicago River as a treat for my 29th birthday! I decided to take some time to reflect on the year before and to write out 29 affirmations for the year ahead. (As a note, even though I believe affirmations can be very powerful, I admittedly don’t engage them as much as I could, I guess. So, writing down the 29 affirmations was something I wanted to do to get a picture of where I was, what I needed, and where I was going).

While most of them had to do with my emotional / spiritual Self, I had some that talked about transitions: from work, in physical location, and in everyday life. I remembered that¬†The People’s Oracle told me that things would be changing very much in the summer months and I smiled at all of the possibilities.

But transitions often sound sexier than they feel! And from June until September, I:

  • Resigned from a job position
  • Started a new job position – in a different field!
  • Transitioned into a new phase of a romantic relationship
  • Left the neighborhood that I lived in for 4 years!
  • Moved to a new neighborhood
  • Found new & different collaborators in passion projects & business
  • Made new friends!
  • Experienced changes in my health – some for better, some for… not better
  • Launched a Patreon account to make the work more sustainable (patreon.com/jadetperry)! (I’m really excited about this because the tiers range from as low as $7 up to the Intuitive Wellness Coaching package which is more intensive AND I get a chance to offer some of my regular sessions, workshops, training, pep talks, and Q&A in a way that isn’t bound by location! No worries, this platform will still be up too!

Needless to say, life has been a conglomeration of DEEPLY exciting and nerve-shaking Unknowns.

One of the things that this platform (and others) allow me to do is to continue to dream, evolve, grow, and change alongside ya’ll and I appreciate that. Thanks for honoring the silence between last post and this post!¬†Thanks for being on this journey with me.