Jade’s Faves: Work Essentials

I’m blessed to be able to say that I absolutely love the work that I do within higher education! These are some of the essentials that I use to take me from the student development retreat all the way to the strategic planning meeting:

1. Self Awareness
One thing that I absolutely stress is a healthy self-awareness of your professional identity. This means, taking the time to a) do the work, and b) reflect on the work you are doing. It means being able to identify where your strengths are and where those areas of development might be… and communicating that in strategic ways. Checking in with your supervisor for feedback in these areas can allow you to access opportunities that play to your professional strengths or that help you grow in exponential ways. Take the time to reflect on your identity as a professional and don’t be afraid to communicate that!

2. Oprah Chai Tea by Teavana
Tea is one of my passions, so a few months ago, my partner bought me a huge amount of Oprah Chai tea as a gift. Let me just say, that has been helping me get my entire life! There’s nothing like brewing a quality black tea in the morning to rejuvenate your spirit, sharpen your senses, and help you get focused. Although I have my other favorites (i.e. Original Spice from Todd & Holland), Oprah Chai is what absolutely does it for me. It’s a well-balanced blend that is smooth and a bit spicy, and features ingredients like cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, clove, and more. Plus, it leaves my office smelling warm and wonderful!

3. Ruby Woo
This matte red lipstick is one of my ABSOLUTE favorites, and I may or may not have two tubes of it resting in my makeup case. Ruby Woo has taken me from the laid back weekend festival…

To the professional portfolio pic

JP (1)
And back home from the board room’s strategic planning meeting
Jade P Headshot

I cannot say I have ever seen it look bad on anyone. Seriously, do a quick google search. It’s a classic and it compliments every skin tone. This is my go-to lip color for so many occasions, and it gives me that little bit of fierceness I need in my pro-style.

4. A Well Crafted Porcelain Coffee / Tea Mug
As an avid tea drinker, I do like to have a good vessel to drink the tea out of. Right now, I’m rockin’ with my porcelain J Monogram Mug by Papyrus (and their monogrammed mugs are going for only $5 now)!

However, I will soon be investing in one of these miniature works of art by Tees in the Trap:

You can buy it here!
Ya’ll don’t understand how much I need this mug. I need it for my meetings, for curriculum development in my office, for reading e-mails… I just… I just need this. There’s another I have my eye on, as well. Picture this – so I’m in a meeting about retention, persistence, & identity development for students of color, low income students, and first generation college students… and before I say my piece and give feedback, I slightly tilt to my fierce Ruby Woo-ified lip the mug that says
 Who is ready for this?! I am!
I am here for it and I hope you are too! So, now that you’ve heard about some of my work essentials, what are some of your essentials that get you pumped up and ready for a full day of productivity?!

Featured Image Credit: http://www.deathtothestockphoto.com


  1. 1) Self-awareness is something I’d never considered in relation to professional work. Good point. 2) Give me coffee over tea any day! I’m glad to hear that Oprah’s tea is tasty. Sometimes I’m bothered when celebrities embark on business ventures that seem odd (Oprah…making her own tea…in partnership with Starbucks?). But, as it turns out Oprah knows something about tea. I’ve heard nothing but good things about her chai tea. 3) Have you ever tried MAC’s “Diva” lipstick? It’s such a flattering shade for Black women. It’s darker in hue than Ruby Woo; more like a burgundy lipstick. Really beautiful. 4) I own an embarrassing amount of mugs, like more than 20. Now you got me thinking about splurging on this “Getting Shit Done” mug from Tees in the Trap. Thanks a lot, lol.

    As far as my work essentials, I need my Macbook, earphones (to block out noise), a wireless mouse (because I hate using trackpads), a cute notebook, and coffee with hazelnut creamer!

    Drea | thedreadaily.com


    1. Yeah at first I did throw some slight shade at Oprah’s latest ventures in tea… but it’s super legit. Never tried Diva but MAC is my happy place so I’m pretty sure that I’ll be getting it soon. I can relate to the cute notebook thing too; there’s not too many things I love more than a notebook with quality paper and decorative design, and stationary #oleschool

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