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As of late, my morning routine has been to brew a nice hot cup of Oprah Chai (that blend will help you get your breakthrough), read a piece from one of my favorite bloggers, or watch something from a vlogger I enjoy. I think that what draws me is the fact that they communicate in ways that are interesting and profound, while also speaking to my personal mission & the mission of JadeTPerry.com:

They encourage, inspire, & empower readers to thrive in spite of systems that are not inherently set up for their success / affirmation. They lovingly & creatively challenge systems & individuals… and they offer information, ideas, & counter-cultural narratives towards these purposes. Although our writing / speaking lenses may be different, I appreciate the work being done in each of these blogs & vlogs. Here are a few to add to your list:
The Girl With the Black Pearls – Blogger, Ashley Burton, is a full time graduate student in professional counseling, who uses her writing “as a means of transparency and healing”. Her topics include self love, growth, positive risk-taking, deep faith, family, and more! She writes with a warm tone and consistently includes positive takeaways or points of reflection that resonate long after you have finished reading. Hear some of these reflections on her post, #TopTen: Major Personal Lessons from 2014.

PhDisabled – PhDisabled is a platform that shares counter cultural narratives on “what it’s like to doing academia with disability & chronic illness.” In 2009, both of my feet temporarily gave out due to severe pain. Since then, I have been through the processes of relying on a wheelchair, cane, and / or walking apparatus, on to physical therapy, and back to walking with little trouble but chronic pain after prolonged periods of time. Since then I have also obtained an M. Ed and worked in my chosen field. However, dealing with chronic pain or disability is typically a hush-hush item within higher education. So, it was not something I talked about or really even heard about… until stumbling across this blog. This blog offers stories of PhD candidates who are striving and coping with disabilities, seen and unseen. It offers advice, affirmation, and resources for self advocacy for those in academia and navigating post-graduate professional experiences.

K.Y.N.D. (Knowing Yourself in Need of Devotion)
– I was introduced to Rev. Kyndra D. Frazier’s blog through the Move & Shake initiative by Dr. Alisha Lola Jones.  KYND served as a guide and compass during one of my most profound faith shifts & career transitions. Rev. Frazier explains, “Knowing Yourself in Need of Devotion (KYND) was birthed out of my commitment to support  individuals and communities in thriving. Often ‘kind’ is relegated to a docile adjective, however KYND is much more. To be KYND is to be aware of the areas in your life that are in need of devotion and healing, where awareness transitions into transforming action. To be KYND is also to balance the practice of self-care privately and publicly. Hence, taking care of ourselves is taking care of our communities, and taking care of our communities is a way of taking care of ourselves…” Topics include social justice, devotion to self and community, as well as reflections on faith and freedom.

Rachel Held Evans
– Rachel Held Evans is the prolific and witty author of  Evolving in Monkey Town (Zondervan, 2010) and A Year of Biblical Womanhood (Thomas Nelson Oct, 2012). Through her blog, she tackles subjects such as gender equality in sacred spaces, theology, and the expansive nature of faith. She often features authors, clergy, and professionals from varying faith traditions & perspectives and her Sunday superlatives posts are like my personal bright-and-shiny-spot on the Interwebs! She explains in her initial post that “Spiritual pride is always a temptation for the believer, and I sincerely hope it is avoided on this blog. No one’s journey is the same. There is much to learn from one another. So instead, I would like this little spot on the Web to serve as a sort of traveler’s forum, a place for exchanging adventure stories, survival tips, and those priceless hole-in-the-wall recommendations that make a journey memorable. I look forward to sharing my own ideas, and I look forward to hearing from you.” Learn more about her blog here!

-Founder, Stacia L. Brown, “writer, educator, and mother” understood that unmarried mothers who are women of color unjustly bear shameful stereotypes about their journey to motherhood.  Thus, she built an online site and comprehensive brand that “seeks to provide greater context… by inviting the discourse of single mothers of color. Beyond Baby Mamas was founded in September 2012 as a way to talk to minority unmarried mothers, not just about them. It’s an initiative that seeks to form a base of support, education, communication, and encouragement, rather than an environment of condemnation”. This site offers philanthropic opportunities, cultural critiques on the media perception of unmarried mothers, uplifting stories, and more.

Ebony Janice Peace
– Vlogger, Ebony Janice, is all “about that Peace life. (She) makes videos to empower people… but really is here for the laughs and shenanigans”. She offers that and more through her uplifting & inspirational videos on self love, cultural commentaries (her commentaries on Beyonce are laugh-out-loud doses of everything), music reviews, comedy, social justice slam poetry, and other fierce fashion /  beauty tips. Ebony Janice is one of those vloggers that quickly becomes your bff in your mind (ha! don’t judge me) because she consistently cracks you up and challenges you toward empowerment at the same time.
So feel free to browse and show these sites some love as you sip your morning coffee or tea!


  1. I love, love, love Stacia. I follow her on Twitter and her perspective on pop culture, race, and motherhood is just so intelligent and refreshing! I’ve never heard of Ebony – looking forward to checking out her YouTube channel. Thanks for the suggestions.

    Drea | thedreadaily.com


    1. Yes! Her blog is so empowering. I find that there’s always something there that I can relate to, although I am not a mother, as of yet. I cannot wait for you to check out Ebony Janice – she absolutely cracks me up and is so empowering at the same time! Thanks for reading and engaging.


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