A Womanist Album Review: Jazmine Sullivan’s Reality Show

I’m crafting up some fresh new blog posts for you all & can’t wait to share them! As you know, a part of my mission is:

  • To encourage, inspire, & empower readers to thrive in spite of systems that are not inherently set up for their success & affirmation.
  • To offer information, ideas, & counter-cultural narratives  towards these purposes.

Last week, I carried that mission over to ForHarriet.com, and posted about the system of arts & entertainment. The focus of the piece was Jazmine Sullivan’s latest & brilliant work, “Reality Show”. This piece was specifically important for me to review, as Sullivan unpacks some really deep womanist themes in her work & provides a landscape of the realities of a number of Black women in America today. Check out my review here!

Image credit: ForHarriet.com