The Edited “About Me” – in Poetry

I am from a legacy of displacement
That found strength to put roots
Down in Philadelphia.
I am from the house in the suburbs,
And some thought, “They made it!”
And others thought, “What was it like
Growing up in the inner city?”
I am from the exasperated explanation,
“I am from over-the-bridge-
I am from the dissonance
The in and not of
The close but not quite
The soon and not yet
I am from, “Only Brown dolls, love;
She’s got to have a positive image
Of herself
I am from “Whatchu’ say?”
And “What did you say?”
I am from Langston Hughes
And Hathaway
I am from literature, and Broadway plays
I am from summer gym camps
And Sunday services
I am from balance and bi-cultural navigations
I am from then and from now.

This work was inspired by Allison Vesterfelt’s “Discover the Power of Your Voice” Course.

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